Front hubs axles wear

(Eric Feron) #1

Hello all,

I finished dismantling the front suspension and cross member, to replace all bushes and send parts for powder coating.

It seems to that the mating surface on the stub axle for the inner bearing is worn. There is no noticeable play when I fit the bearing, but I can clearly feel a dip when running my nail on the axle. This seemingly worn surface is found only on half the circumference of the axle.

My mate tells me to not worry and just reuse as is. What do experts say?

(Robert Wilkinson) #2

I had the same problem with my 71. I replaced the axles; they were available at the time. I don’t think it’s good.

(Doug Dwyer) #3

That’s look like significant wear to me. I’d replace the stub axle/spindle/whatever you wanna call it.

Many times over the years I’ve shrugged-off minor wear and never experienced anything bad as result of my nonchalance.

But, this is beyond minor wear, IMO


(Jerry Mills) #4

Agree and agree.
Use to see a lot of those that we metal sprayed and ground to standard.
That one is shot.

(Robin O'Connor) #5

Agree that is due for replacement, HOWEVER I just replaced mine on the ‘65 ‘S’ and sourced the replacements from one of the usuals, smaller bearing diametre was fine but the inner (larger) diametre IMO is about .0015 too small. Ended up getting a second set from the same after they assured me that they were the correct diametre, they were just the same :frowning:

(Frank Andersen) #6

Have you compared it with the other side, Eric - you may need two…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Aristides Balanos) #7

Definitely need replacement and both sides.
The bearing span once, it will spin again.


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #8

Aye. not good. seems to be an oddity of these critters. Why, I don’t know.

The inner bearing can not seat on the spindle properly. There will be slop in some degree. And wobble in the same degree.

In my view, the small part f the inner bearing should not spin on the spindle. It should seat firmly. If it does not, it will be steel rotating on steel. Little or no function of the rollers in the cage.

Spindle steel too soft. As stated elsewhere, I am not a metallurgist either…


(Doug Dwyer) #9

Didn’t Jaguar go to larger front bearings at some point? Series II cars, perhaps? Perhaps with larger diameter stub axles?

Perhaps upon realizing that the Series I set-up wasn’t robust enough?

Lots of ‘perhaps-ing’, I know :slight_smile:


(Eric Feron) #10

Thank you folks. This was unexpected, and I suspect these buggers are not cheap…

(Robin O'Connor) #11

They are not made from unobtainable and are reasonable priced.

(Roger Mabry) #12

Yes, I replaced mine on '71 XJ. Was worn on bottom side… easy enough job to replace.

(Eric Feron) #13

Ok, pressed the hub axles out of the carriers today, easy with a simple hydraulic press! Dust seals flanges out also.

Now, do the swivels cups also press out? Before I get the carriers cleaned and powder coated.

(Eric Feron) #14

I ended up simply hammering these cups out from the top. A bit of a butchery job. Will replace the ball joint with sealed for life units.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #15


No butcher job in my view.

  1. It worked. No parts damaged that will be reused.

  2. Many a bearing race in hubs has been removed and reset by percussion. Similar to this part.

  3. The hammer, actually several, have a place in any tool collection. Mine range from ;
    sledge to tack in size and weight. Not o mention two with battered heads in bronze and lead!!

  4. The life guarantee always tickles me. Which life, mine or the part !!!


(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #16

Judging by the picture, I would concur with the rest of the responses. That spindle is spent. The only way I would use that part is if I couldn’t feel what appears from the picture to be an indent. What does the other side look like?

I’m guessing the bearing also put up a bit of a fight coming off the spindle. probably got caught on the the groove / indent. Mine did.

I think I got a new pair either at Moss motors or welshes. Another source is David @ The new ones were reasonably priced. I think I got a pair for under $100.00 US.

It’s been my experience the upright doesn’t relinquish the spindle with a mere glance of a hammer or a bit of pressure from a 20 ton press. Mine needed a bit of heat from a Oxy/Acetylene rose bud to convince the upright to relinquish the spindle, that and about 15 tons of my 20 ton press. When it came out, it came out with a vengeance.

(Eric Feron) #17

New spindles ordered, they are actually reasonably priced.