Front oil seal Replacement

I’ve been searching the site for this info but unable to find it, although I’m sure it’s there somewhere.
On a xk140 (G6530-8) do you need to remove the timing cover to replace the standard front oil seal?
Engine is in the car.

This is my experience with XK120. I’m thinking 140 would be similar, but someone who knows for sure will chime in.

A search for “front oil seal XK” returns several threads.

Yes, the seal tucks into grooves between the sump and front cover.

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Unfortunately, yes. You cannot physically get the new seal into the front cover groove. Whilst you have the timing cover off, you can modify it so, should it fail in future, you can do it without front cover off.
Fit the later type distance piece with internal “ O “ ring at the same time as the lip seal.

That’s what I did during the engine rebuild. For the first time, yes, you will have to remove the timing cover. If you relieve the outer flanges where they join the sump, you won’t have to in future, just removing the sump should be enough. Theoretically…