Front oil seal. WTH?

There is a large difference between putting sealant around the perimeter of the seal and putting it where the timing cover and oil pan meet. The gaskets are not precision cut so that there is not a leak where they meet the seal.

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I am sorry Dick, may be it is because English is not my native language but I don’t follow the meaning of the comment. I apologize.

Do you recommend putting sealant around the outside of the seal where it meets the grooves in the timing cover and the oil sump or not?

Is your comment only about using sealant on the surfaces of the sump gasket (well of course!)?

Thank you.

Do not put sealant in the groove the seal sits in. The seal housing is soft rubber and seals itself. Put sealer only where the paper oil pan gasket goes around and next to the seal. The gasket is cut out to go around the seal but is not a very tight fit. Sealant is needed to make sure there are no gaps between the gasket and the seal.


Thanks for the precision. All good now. Cheers.

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Oil seal now in place. Awaiting the spacer to be pushed in. Fingers crossed…

Spacer polished with 400, 600, 1000, 1500 grit on the lathe. Looking good.

I read somewhere not to oil it and that it has to be completely clean so to allow transfer of seal material onto the spacer.
Hope that’s correct.

Correct Graham, there are a few vids on YouTube to that effect.

Just make sure you remove the protective collar . It does not work well if you leave it in place.