Front passenger door handles

The front passenger door interior handle is very stiff - something will break soon if I don’t sort it - but I can’t get the pins out of the door handle or the window winder. If I push the spring-loaded thingies I can see the pins (there seem to be 2 in each handle !!! but tapping them doesn’t get them to move.
I’ve read another post that says you just drive them out with a parallel punch but I’ve hit mine quite hard with no movement.
Is there a secret?

The escutcheon needs to be fully pushed back to allow the pin to exit - I use a barbecue fork! Then try tapping with from the underside.

IIRC the pins are tapered, so after you make sure the escutcheon is fully retracted, try pushing it out in the opposite direction.

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Yes they are tapered - shallow cone at one end.

what Saloon type?..the ones I am familiar with have curved wire spring clips, which retain the handle, in the groove.

The correct tool to remove them is a “spring hook”, which snags the hoop, and you pull them out…if you see two thin bits of wire, move it around until the dome is visible, snag it.

use a thin tool like a butter knife to hold the chrome dress ring apart

If they are what I am talking about, they are tricky, until you know the trick

Thanks everybody. Had another go today and they came out with no problem at all. Didn’t even hit them as hard as I did last time. Maybe I didn’t have the escutcheon back far enough.
Handle duly oiled and working like it should do :relaxed: