Front seat felt trim please?

(steve ) #1

I need to re trim the steel plates around the bottom rear of the front seats. Is this Moquette ?? I have been quoted £75 which seems excessive for the amount required.
Anyone have a UK supplier and amount of material required please.

(Ian) #2

Do you mean to cover this ? look on e-bay lot’s of leather cloth and Vynal , cost about £5

(steve ) #3

No it’s the felt trim around the back and sides of the seats lower edges. It is glued to a steel shell which fits around the bottom back of the seats. Daimler v8 trim.

(KrissMotors) #4

Yes, it’s moquette. More details here.

Shown on bottom section of these seats.

We bolted on diamond plates to the middle insert because this area is vulnerable to soiling from rear passenger’s shoes, etc.

The diamond plate isn’t visible when the seats are installed. Originally this insert was also covered with moquette.

Suggest vendor John Skinner in the UK. They have full color selection for moquette, vinyl, and leather.

(The Jag Man) #5

I second Skinner as a top rate supplier of interior parts. They shipped easily to me in the USA.


(Ian) #6

Sorry I forgot all about them , I got mine off e-bay , x BL , had enough left over to cover the arm rest I made !
It was well under £20 for 1 mtr

(steve ) #7

Thanks yes that is the part. My seats are bench type recliners so slightly different to yours and do not have the recessed area at the back.

(John Quilter) #8

If it is like what is on my 3.8S, this moquette material is a lot like velvet of velour and some poking around in a Joann’s fabric shop, or the like, might just turn up a substitute in the correct color.