Front seat problem (NO Suprise)

I sure many of you have this problem (see photo) and I have been avoiding it by moving the seat back each time I get in and out and making sure I hold the seat back in place, BUT my wifes car recently broke and I let her use my car of course she did not use the in/out method I used and the back has now really come apart.
Has anyone out there found a good solution to fixing this I must admit right now I’m thinking ‘liquid nails’ :slight_smile:



Sorry for the late reply- just saw the thread. I took apart an extra seat I had for parts, and can tell you those little clips are tough ones. They work similar to the ones you may have seen holding plastic parts, like dash mouldings, etc. They work great once, but can get damaged so that the “teeth” no longer function as designed. If it was me, I would take it to a local upholstery shop and let them deal with it- they have the tools and experience to fix it, and it should not be expensive.

Here’s a link to someone replacing the upholstery, and dealing with those pesky clips. Might help.