Front seats 1986 xjsc

Are seats easy to swap over…Any problems

Do you mean swap left side <-> right side or swap in from a different vehicle? Do you have a high milage car where the top, outer bolster roll on the drivers side seat has started to fall apart and want to swap it with the passenger side? That’s what I did, but you can just swap the top seat cushion part over. No need to move the whole seat. While you have the cushion off you can repair the worn part with a patch on the back, or by stitching up the rip.

You need to explain exactly what you mean by “swap over”. CosmoXL addressed swapping the driver seat backrest cushions.

If you meant swap in seats from a later year, then there were mounting differences introduced with serials 105048 (first HEI) and 139052 (mid-1987) according to my parts book (my parts book only covers '75 to '91 models). I swapped 1987 (I think) seats into an '84 and I had to make adapters to mate the newer seats to the floor mount points. That raised the seats about 1/4 inch. But its hard to find decent seats, especially ones that match your interior color. Swapping XJS seats for seats from a different vehicle brand would also require designing and fabricating adapters.

Hi, many thanks for all your help…Roby