Front spring pan bolts

I finally got hold of an OEM spring compressor and I will be removing the front springs in the next few weeks.

The workshop manual advises using two guide pins in place of two of the spring pan bolts, which I don’t have.

I don’t have access to the car at the moment and just wondered if anyone could tell me the thread size of the spring pan bolts, so I could set myself up with a couple of suitable pins.


I think they are 3\8 unf.

Thanks for the help.

A little more searching and I found the same answer.

As an aside, for anyone in the UK, I’ll be looking to move the tool on when I’m finished.


These are as rare as hens teeth - I’m surprised you don’t want to make it a permanent addition to your tool kit. Like most folk I used a tool cobbled together using grade 8.8 threaded rod etc. IIRC the OEM tool needs a fair clearance under the car - rather more than the clearance required for a home made item. Having said that, if you’re determined to move it on PM me when you’re ready.

In any event let us know how the job goes.



I waited what must be three years for one to turn up Ebay. They are indeed rare.

After I get this job done, I can’t ever see me needing it again. I’m 67 now, and my time scrabbling around underneath cars is coming to an end.

I would rather it go to someone who can get some use out of it, which is better than it gathering dust under my bench.

I’m hoping to get this done in the next couple of months so I’ll be in touch.

I use this simple home-made set up (see photo). It is really not hard.
The coupling nuts help go faster and distribute the force of the spring on more threads.
After 5 pairs of springs, no damage to the threads. All is tight as new.

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Not yet. i scrabbled under my Jaguar well in to my 80’s. swappping starters!!!

i recognize the racheting ring wrench i have a set like that one. And a later set that is slimmer. Very useful.

I have a similar setup, works perfectly, is stronger than original tool, each rod needs to be only 30cm long, You can use 1 metre of grade 8 rod, and a couple of shorter bolts if you want.

I have access to the real tool, but prefer my own setup, as the Club tool has its single main thread a bit chewed, is harder to use, and I have to go pick it up and take it back

(An old rear Jag brake disc and some threaded rod works on the rear springs)

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