Front spring removal Series 1 XJ6

Working through the long list - have been wanting to rebush the front end for years. I made the below jig emulating the Churchill tool.

As fitted. Threaded rod is 16mm. The welded short sections of rod fit on the big washer fit in the cradles above the upper spring housing provided by the helpful Jaguar engineers.

Excellent work, Paul! For those interested in the original tool design, this is what it looks like:

Thanks. Curiously the FOM doesn’t tell you that you have to remove the exhaust downpipes and drop down the steering rack to remove the lower control arm shafts. Fortunately for me these came straight out - apparently often seized. Paul

Thanks for sharing. What did you make the bottom piece out of? The piece which fits up against the spring pan. I’ve just used the rod and washers and had a devil of a time lining up the pan with the bolt holes.

The bottom piece is just radiata pine - I glued two sections together with Araldite after cutting them out with a hole saw. On refitting I wound the spring and pan assembly up to within about 3" of the lower control arm and used “guide studs” as suggest in the workshop manual. I cut the studs about 4" long and wound them up into the lower control arm using the double nut method. I then used the guide studs (packed out with 6 washers under the spring pan) to pull the assembly into place. I took some comfort from the four high tensile studs and the jig through the spring centre working against all that spring force! It worked quite well on the LHS. I will do the RHS tomorrow and post some pictures. Paul

Here’s the pilot studs in place - I used these to pull the assembly the last 31/2" into place.