Front spring tool

Wanting to change front springs due to sagging. Don’t want to make a tool so I wanted to know if there is a Jaguar rental tool.

Depends where you are. This is a world wide forum.

If you live in North America, the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) has a tool loan program for their members. I used it a few times for special tools that I am unlikely to need again. Alot of these tools came from the Jaguar dealerships that no longer had a need for them. I heard that JCNA may have turned over the tools to the Coventry Foundation so you might look them up on the internet. If you are not in North America this may be of no help.


Beware that the factory tool needs your car very high off the ground to use it. Higher than I was able to lift mine using the usual devices for raising it up.

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I am in southern illinois. I have read some post on removing springs.Paul I will check that out.

I know some friends that have a high lift that I can use to get the clearance


so nice to hear from you again! Are you getting sentimental without any of these simple XJ6es?

Stay safe


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

There is nothing to really “make” Jim.
Just a big fat threaded rod cut to size, washers and nuts…

It would need to be a high quality threaded rod and nut. I believe the high amount of pressure would start galling the thread on a cheap rod.

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There is also a shaped fitting collar to account for the angle and a pin through the top.

JCNA tool loan is the best option but I have one I might sell, plus a batch of the nylon spring packer pieces if you just want to bring the height into spec.

Peter. How much would your tool be. I am not a member of JCNA. I would have to become a member before I can even request tool rental.

It didn’t gall my home improvement market rod. Biggest they had with some grease. M14 or so. Aluminum washers backed by steel and two nuts each end, one for safety. Did not feel sketchy and I did it with one hand, the other somewhat unuseable from trying without a spring tool and bad luck. You’re right to be careful.

Make your own, as above. All thread and some washers and nuts. I can get a pic of what I made if it’ll help

This was my home made tool, its done S11, XJ40 and ‘65 ‘S” types

This piece should be at the other end of the rod and reversed!

Is the angle piece slotted and does it go on the lower end of spring or should I say where the handle nut is

Yes for some reason its been reversed and should be at the other end of the rod. So notated now🥴

Do you mind placing pieces of tool in the configuration you used to remove spring and send another picture. Thanks much

The bolt is removed and the threaded rod is inserted through the spring pan out the top of the tower and re-inserted. The angle piece then slides onto the threaded rod to compensate for the angle, two washers with grease are then slid on followed by the double nut, again use pleasantly of grease on the threads .
Others have just used long studs and nits into the lower arms through the spring pan and slowly released the tension that way.
When replacing the springs its a good idea to have a couple of long lengths to guide the spring pan back up to align with the blot holes.

Hi Jim, this is my rig. Paul.

My home made tool. Used 6 times already. Threads are still fine. No problem.