Front Springs - Ride Height

Did you buy that or rent it from JCNA?

Finished installing the 2nd set of springs, recently purchased from SNGB. Advertised as OEM spec, checked measurements before installation, spring wire is spot on 16.13mm, correct for Mk2 3.4 or 3.8. Coil wire starts and finishes, same as OEM, same number of coils etc etc. Sitting about 1" higher, after install, which should settle after a bit of driving.

Had another look at the first set of springs purchased a couple of months ago, not only is the wire 17mm in diameter, there is an extra coil. The part was sold as per the correct part number for Mk2, although the seller did state the wire diameter was 17mm not 16.13mm…so buyer beware.

Incidentally, the springs I removed, which had been fitted about 20 years ago as 2nd hand replacements, by a previous owner, were 16mm diameter, which equates to correct size for Mk2 2.4.


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