Front sub frame VEE mounts

(Robin O'Connor) #1

Doing a bit of car prep prior to going on a road rally (Hawkes Bay Targa Rally 2019) I was replacing the brake pads on the front and noticed that the Vee mounts didn’t look all that healthy.
Having done this on my ‘40 previously I decided that I would bite the bullet and get the dealer to do the job.
They quoted 4 hrs labour for both sides which I thought was ok, they also allowed me to supply the parts as they only had one in stock (?)
Well 8 hours later I drove the car out, they didn’t have the easiest job replacing them apparently, I was in the waiting room for the whole time and know they didn’t just put it on the hoist and walk away for a (long) while. Thankfully they charged only the 4 hours and they changed out the sway bay links as well.
All I can say is thank goodness for friction and gravity because thats all that was holding the parts together;