Front subframe mounts

Any recent experience with the various brand/supplier of mounts for the front subframe? They seem to be all over the place depending on where you look, with the persistent annoying trend being suppliers not specifying what brand they are peddling. If everything other than Genuine Jag are just URO’s or similar I can buy those from my own vendors and avoid the middleman.

I used URO brand,seems fine. Got them by searching part number and buying cheapest, because I am cheap.

Sng Barratt is great at disclosing oem vs aftermarket. Moss does not.

My opinion is that URO gets a bad knock on this forum, I (so far) have had no issue with their parts. The rear suspension cradle mounts are at least 7 years/25000 miles from new and are fine . Front subframe mounts are fine, although not that old. Rear radius arm bushings seem fine. I even used their front lower control arm bushings and they are fine (although I would have preferred OEM ones but couldn’t get them).
I think installation errors are what causes premature failure.
For what the genuine Jaguar parts cost, you can use URO 3 or 4 times and still be ahead cost wise. Plus I believe that the Jaguar labeled parts are probably made by the same manufacturer as URO in many cases.

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Pretty sure the OEM subframe mounts are Metalastik. Was imprinted on the rubber.

I used URO many times in the past, and now avoid unless it’s a simple simple part, like the rubber only bushing for the transmission mount. For complex parts, I have found them hit and miss.

I have found that indeed the OEM part may cost 4 times the price, but it will last 4x as long. Sure, we could be talking 25,000 miles vs 100,000 miles. But I plan on keeping my Jag a long time. And I don’t like doing the labor 4x. That is why I stick to OEM.

You are correct, originally Metalastik. I think they are no longer in the business of making vintage parts, so Jaguar branded parts are made by whoever. If you buy NOS Metalastik, you are dealing with 10+ year old rubber……

Ten year old NOS Metalastik will last decades years unless subjected to chronic oil contamination. I buy anything I can get for my Jags it it says Metalastik.

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These may be simple enough parts that aftermarket is okay, the subframe bushings.

On that note, what’s the difference in the early and late front subframe bushings?
Some places list them as all the same, some not.

The front subframe mounts have a massive bolt holding things together, if the bushing goes bad.

The rear subframe mounts ‘I think’ are dependent on rubber adhering to metal. If that mount goes bad, the rear subframe has nothing. I made sure to use oem Metalastik here. They are expensive. I replaced my original ones from 1988 as part of my restoration, and they still seemed fine!

If you are speaking of the rear subframe mounts on the front suspension crossmember, they are fail-safe- if the rubber separates you will get metal to metal contact when the weight comes off (rebound). The front “six shooter” mounts are obviously fail safe.
Rear suspension cradle (cage) mounts rely on the metal to rubber bond; the URO brand on mine are fine after 6+ years/25000 miles. Easy to change anyway.

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If they do not have a safety tang molded in, they should. That’s been standard practice for such for decades. I’ve never heard mention of a front one separating so that may be why, the rears do.

Anyone have any idea about the round front mounts changes? SNG lists them changing between 147268 and 147269. Those are both pretty early VIN’s I believe? Was that the HE changeover?