Front Suspension Finish?

I’ve just finished disassembling and removing all of the old suspension bushings from my C-type front suspension. What is an appropriate finish for the A-arms and uprights?


Hi Mark…Xk120 in the factory were as far as im aware and from factory photos gloss black…so i assume Cs would be the same…iv used gloss black 2k…Steve

I have brand new 120-150 A-Arms and other front suspension pieces in stock and they are not glossy. Looks like a satin paint that is thin enough the steel surface is clearly visible. These are new items bought as discontinued inventory 50 years ago.

Black and shiney?

I can’t imagine the race shop being worried about finish. Were they using suspension parts off the assembly line? I’ll go for something between satin and semi-gloss. Waiting on a big parts order now.

The question comes up often enough on the XK forum.
Yes, they pulled parts off the Mark VII assembly line.
It was a gloss black, but not a very good quality paint, and no primer, so after a few years it starts looking dull, more like semi-gloss.

Another curious thing we’ve noticed, that any nuts and bolts with American National Fine threads were red, a sort of thin wash paint.

We think this was to distinguish them from the British Standard Fine thread bolts that were still floating around the shop in those days.

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