Front suspension kits

Has anyone used the SNGBarratt complete rubber front suspension kit? Any pitfalls, or does it work OK?
If there are better options, suggestions are very welcome, but I’m in the UK so don’t want to use US suppliers. I’m keeping everything as standard as possible with the exception of Koni shock absorbers.

Hi Roger, I have given up on rubber suspension bushes, found they degrade quickly, squeak and give a poor ride and feedback.
So I recently replaced all with Poly bushes made by Super-Flex, they are black so hard to tell between them and rubber. I bought from Spring Loaded Suspension but no doubt they’re available elsewhere in UK.
I should have done this years ago, they’re silent, firmer, give a much better ride and should outlast me!


Thanks Ian,
For some years now I have avoided polybushes in preference for the rubber the car (whichever it is) was designed for. It’s a personal preference, I know, but on smaller cars I have had long term problems with the firmer polybushes damaging the structure (cracks, etc.) due to their less-forgiving nature. The AC and Mustang are on rubber, the latter having done 45,000 miles over the last 15 years with no issues. It’s always possible that the quality of the rubber used has changed, but could I ask how many miles you’ve done on the polybush suspension?

If you want a more comfortable ride stick to rubber.
I usually change my antiroll bar bushings every 1o,ooo
But the upper and lower bushings only once in the cars lifetime, and after 60 years they looked pretty good for wear but just got hard.

I did the job in lockdown 1 or was it 2 ! So not many miles done but my real relief was the squeaking has gone - as you say it’s a personal preference.
I’ve had the car over 30 years and this was 3rd time I’ve changed the bushes. It’s not a daily driver but determined not to do it again!

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I used the SNG kit . The ball joint thread was too long and I had to cut it down . I did report it the problem . Other than that all ok , but early days.


I got my rubber bushings from Moss, but I would not be surprised if they both use the same supplier. The originals were well shot and the sleeves rusted to the shafts. 30 years later the new ones are still fine, no squeaks, no regrets.

Thanks all. I’ll go with the SNG rubber kit - if it’s all perished in a couple of years I’ll reconsider!

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