Front suspension noise

Have any of you had a cluck noise coming from the front of the car when you drive over any type of a slight bump? In trying to solve it I have had both the front struts and the bottom ball joints replace but the noise is still there.


If it’s a light knocking noise or rattle when you drive slowly over small bumps it’s very likely to be the antiroll bar drop links.

Cheap and easy to replace.

Shropshire, UK

Yes, anti-roll bar links. I have replaced mine twice. The first time they were very rusty and I had to cut them with an air grinder. I used Anti-Seize on the nuts so the second time it was not so bad. has them.

Thank you Eric & Bob

The two of you were dead-on with your solution. It was the two anti-roll bar bushings that needed to be replaced. The car certainly drives very smooth and tight now, with all the new parts the repair shop put into this car.