Front Sway Bar Link Bushing Installation (Polybush 31AP; SNG# MJA2105AGU)

Kind Souls –

I have a wonderful XJR – my favorite Jag of all time (over even my rust-and-beige E-Type).

In the process of replacing the front wheel bearings, I noted that the sway bar link bushes had perished.

The ball joint of the link being serviceable, I simply purchased Polybush 31AP bushings, SNG# MJA2105AGU (see!/English(US)/parts/726bdc6a-247e-45cc-a450-b4f65771a1bd)

The bushing has a larger end and a smaller end and comes with a flat washer.

I want to fit them this weekend and cannot contact Polybush in the UK due to the time difference; SNG did not know the answer.

So, the Brain Trust of Jaguardom, does the bigger side of the bushing face the sway bar or the steering knuckle and the same question for the washer?

Thanks in advance,

– Kevin

(‘67 340, ’69 E FHC, ’01 XJ R , ’01 S-Type, and ’03 S-Type (with NAS 5-speed manual))

Well, I first tried e-mailing Polybush and, when that was not successful, called them in the UK. The engineer was off the afternoon I called (of course ) but he kindly responded via e-mail, to wit:

Following the removal of the original equipment bush and its sleeve, the 31AP bush should be inserted small rounded flange first such that the small flange is on the steering knuckle side of the link arm (some washing up liquid or tyre soap can be used to ease fitting NB do not use grease).

The large flange should therefore be facing the sway bar ie on the face away from the knuckle and should have the washer placed on it followed by the securing nut. Please see attached images. (emphasis added by me)

Looking at the images kindly sent by Polybush (which I have attempted to attached hereto), while the text implies that the washer goes between the sway bar and the nut, it should actually go between the bushing and the sway bar.

Whew! [Polybush Jaguar XJR] 31AP fitting instructions.pdf (46.6 KB)

Apparently I cannot edit my previous (inaccurate) post so please forgive this additional posting:

I had a senior moment and was thinking about the wrong end of the link when I made my “washer” comment above (thinking that end went to the sway bar, which it does NOT).

The washer does, indeed and in fact, go between the bushing and the nut.