Front windscreen top chrome. Pre HE

(andrew honychurch) #1

Guys , I am just refitting the chrome trims around the windscreen on my Pre HE after a full bare metal repaint. My question relates to the top screen chrome. It has an inner lip which catches in the top rubber groove and the lower edge of the chrome goes into the lower slot in the rubber. Question, is which one do you put in first to refit the chrome? If anyone has done this job and can advise I would be grateful of the advice to avoid me wasting a lot of time. Thanks very much. Andrew


ive done it a few times, I started by putting it in the rubber first and pop riveting it in I was on my own but 2 people would be easier, it doesn’t go in to the rubber very deep, make sure you seal the rivets with sealant. ime not sure if it should be sealed along the roof edge, perhaps somebody could enlighten us

(andrew honychurch) #3

Thanks for the reply. I actually carried out this fit yesterday and all was fine. There are two windscreen rubbers available. One genuine Jaguar about £80 and one reproduction at £33. We were sold the latter and the top chromes won’t fit correctly. After I had discovered that I took the screen back out and bought the correct Jaguar item. The chromes literally threw themselves back in. Well not really but you know what I mean. I am going to be sealing the top groove chrome trim to paint as it looks like it needs it and I am sure it would have been done originally.

(Doug Harper) #4

Not chrome, it’s stainless steel