Front wing splash plate seals

What have people used for the sponge seal that fits in the channel around the edges of the under-wing splash panels on a 140DHC?
Viart lists these as BD.10704/3 and BD.9317/4, not found on any parts supplier. Anything that’s ¼" x 1⅜" section? Possibly closed-cell neoprene rather than sponge, I guess. Anyone know a UK source?

I’m wondering if this might be better. I need to ‘push out’ the upper section of the wing, just gently, and I think this might support it better than just sheet sponge, which seems to be what Jag used.

Steele Rubber has more profiles than you can imagine. I’d look there and adapt.

Thanks Mitchell, I’ve used Steele several times for special bump rubbers etc. for Cobras - but Woolies will cost me a lot less for generic seals like this as they’re here in the UK.

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If you are not concerned with originality a sponge rubber garage door seal can easily be cut to fit what ever variances you have.

Baines comes closest, I would guess, but I am not a XK140 expert