FS XK120 Cylinder Head $75

Description: For sale is a good XK120 cylinder head core. I don’t see any significant corrosion. Has valves in it and matching bearing caps. It needs three tappet guides replaced on the exhaust side. No cracks, no damage. I bought it without numbers or much information. When I got home I now see it’s a small valve XK120 head so no use to my Mk2 3.8 project.
Paid $250.00. ASKING $75

On a side note I would consider a trade for a mk2 head. If no interest I’ll strip valve hardware and scrap it as I don’t have the space to store this. This is too rare and too nice to scrap.

Location: USA west of Chicago

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): Paid by buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Hi Tim

I’d swap for a Mk2 head. I have quite a few of them . I’m just worried shipping is going to cost a fortune

I would be interested in a trade. I looked into shipping and looks like ballpark of $50-$60 to ship. I get a pretty good break in price with UPS.
If its a really nice head I would consider swapping. Just a matter of packing it well. I would make sure studs are removed or built up with cardboard or something so they can’t tear through the box. I would wrap the head in a sheet of cardboard and find a snug box so it can’t shift.

We get aircraft engine parts shipped all the time like this at my work.


I’m located 21 miles west of Chicago. Where are you? I can come pick it up.

Im near Rockford. I may have a trade for a mk2 head. I’ll let you know by Monday.


I’ve heard nothing back about the trade deal, so I’m up for making a deal. I have the original head posted and over the weekend I made a trip and brought back more parts that included a nice looking late 120 head. Would you give me $75 for both heads? That’s a steal since I have over $200 in just the one alone.
Let me know if this sounds fair?