Fuel Fail 39, EGR Issue

Recently, my car displayed the check engine warning with amplifying data indicating fuel fail 39, which is an EGR malfunction.

I reset the code and took the car out for a drive. When I gave it a little pedal, the code reappeared. So, I again reset the code and performed the simple EGR valve tests. The valve passed, but when I pulled off the vacuum line I noticed it was fairly loose fitting and i the portion of the hose that fits over the nipple was stretched, due to years of being in that same position. I cut off the swollen part and pushed the hose back on over the nipple. I then wondered how the other end was doing and when I gave it a very weak tug, it slipped right off the solenoid nipple. That end of the tube was also stretched so I cut a little off and repositioned the freshly trimmed hose which went on considerably more snuggly.

I wondered then if a vacuum leak due to the poor fitting hose might be my issue. So I took the car for a 30 minute drive, and then another today with no codes being thrown. Although I’m hoping the issue is solved, I recognize coincidence might be at work here. I tell this tale as a reminder that when troubleshooting, check the integrity of vacuum hoses when they’re in play.