Fuel filter mounting

My 61 MK2 3.8 has a horrible plastic fuel filter which I want to replace with the original bowl filter. I have found a complete filter unit in good nick but can’t find the mounting bracket C14726 via any of the usuals. Can I just fashion something in mild steel? I assume it does nothing other than hold the filter unit off the valence and possibly insulate it or stop it rattling.
Any comments.


Not sure if this helps, Ian, but these are pictures of the one on my S type. The SPCat notes the p/n as C23115. It would be easy to replicate this from some 1mm m/stl.

This one is angled at about 45° and with a crank to offset it from the inner mudguard to provide a clearance for the filter holding nuts. I don’t know if this is compatible with your car. If you would like a dimensioned sketch, I can do that.


If you’re not up for fabricating one you might try Jaguar Heaven in Stockton who part out Jaguars and sell used parts.

Hi Peter
That would be useful, I was trying to work out the purpose of the bracket, now I see what it’s for. Dimensions would be great thanks…Ian

Make sure your filter has the right flow direction, so the debris collects outside the filter and not inside. Those filter housings are still made!

Early XJ6 have the same brackets. If it was only for the nuts, they could have bolted it in through to the wheelarch. It has to have another purpose.

I would make one and paint it standard black.

Thanks for that, I will make one, looks simple.


Hullo Ian, I finally got this together. My apologies for the delay - things always seem to jump up and interfere with plans.

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Thanks. Peter, that’s fantastic. Due family health problem have not been near the car for weeks, can now get to it.


Pleased to be able to help. Keep well.