Fuel gage stop working

While driving fuel gauge went from full to empty slowly over a few miles. Tank was just filled last time out and has worked well until now. Any ideas.

1991 vdp xj40 thanks in advance

I assume it hasn’t all leaked out? Next would be a failing fuel sender unit.

Sir …
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If your fuel gauge just dies then it could be a problem with the indicator in the instrument panel.

If however it’s not accurate or erratic then the culprit is probably the fuel level sensor located in the tank. (which would be good news because it’s very easy to replace.)

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.29.12 PM

Thanks for the information. Will be checking it out this afternoon!!!

Will be checking the sending unit this afternoon. No leaks from the tank or lines.

After checking sending unit in tank. Replaced sending unit with new one. Back in business, thanks for all the help.