Fuel house routing in engine bay?

I did not listen to jag lover advice or the little voice in my head, and therefore took no pictures or even diagram my deconstruction of the fuel rails on my 77 xj12l. Now that i am re-installing the injectors to the rails in my garage with new hoses months later I cannot remember how the regulators or even the fuel crossover connect to my two rails. I cannot find a simple diagram anywhere for the pre-he v12, not even in Palms amazing treasure trove. Trying to decipher from overhead photos seems to be impossible.
Maybe when I take everything to the car it will make sense, but the car miles away and I would like to know before going there.
Any help greatly appreciated!
I assume the short hose on the regulators attaches to the middle nipple on rail. Is this correct?
If so where do the long Outlet hoses go? one outlet to fuel cooler??Other side to where???

Not detailed however take a look at the first drawing.


Mr. Embden,
Thank you for your reply. I have that part of your website already printed off but totally forgot about this diagram. Best one so far of preHE.V12.

I am embarrassed to reveal my problem. I had placed the metal return line (used to combine both regulators to fuel cooler) in my emissions pile of parts. I had read your article on saving the air rail for future restoration but decided to simplify even more and remove all smog stuff in the bay. In my zeal to remove hoses I somehow thought my return line was part of the air Injection system. Sigh!.

I bought this XJ12 for use as a donor on my 76 XJC-12. I then decided the xj12 was too nice to part out. Not sure it was the smartest thing to do but I am learning a lot .Not going to let it beat me! But I do wish the previous owner drove it more than down to bottom of driveway once a year for twenty years.

Thanks again for reply and all of your work to help bright eyed innocents like me.

Mark Bailey