Fuel injection problem

So I’ve been having some problems with the FI on my pre he v12. I first became aware of it after starting the engine for the first time after the previous owner left it sitting for a long time. I saw raw fuel being pushed through the exhaust in the right side. My first thought was an injector stuck open on the right side. I tested the harness and found no shorts. Next I pulled the fuel rail and devised a test. I pulled each injector out and sprayed a bit of carb cleaner in it. If I was able to blow the carb cleaner through the injector it should be bad no? I found only one on the right side. That I could blow through but it took significant effort. Should I just replace this one?

Many owners have reported excellent results with pulling the entire set and sending them off to an injector service. Not only will they correct any bad injectors found, they will clean them all, measure flows, and sometimes even swap out injectors with ones from their stock to achieve a matched set. Engines reportedly run better than ever.

You can clean the injectors yourself by immersing them in paint brush cleaner (the blue stuff) whilst they sit in an ultrasonic bath.

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More than likely, the injector pintle failed to seat properly due to crud in the tank, fuel line or fuel rail. You best bet is try to unclog it. Good luck finding a replacement. They are as plentiful as a snowball in he**.
SD Faircloth www.jaguarfuelinjectorservice.com

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Thanks. I started pulling the other six injectors. I figure if I’m going to clean them I may as well do all 12. I ordered an ultrasonic bath off of Amazon and I’m going to try and clear the gunk out of them.