Fuel Injection Project - TR6

(tylerwerrin) #1

Hey guys!

I know this is a jag forum, but since we’re all friends here and we’ve all put our heads together in the past, I was wondering if anyone out there would like to weigh in on my TR6 FI project that I’ve been cobbling together.

The TR6 is so simple, but I could go for better fuel economy, especially with such a tiny gas tank and rising gas prices. I had been driving around with the dual carb ZS175 system for the past year, but I think I’ve found a better way.

There is an existing TBI conversion for the car, using the mid80s GM style low flow TBI injectors. I wanted to upgrade to modern port style injectors, but feed the car as if it were a TBI. Another gentleman has done this approach, only he uses two injectors per carb, which is a cramped fit. He did this because of fuel leaning issues.

His injectors are 15#; my thought was I could upgrade to say 42# or 60# injectors to compensate for this. For a while I thought two LT1 injectors might be good enough, but they are only 24# and I’m not sure if I would run into leaning issues.

What are your thoughts? I already have the fuel delivery system jigged up, along with the electronics, etc. If I could reduce the setup to have just 2 injectors, it frees up alot of space in the carb bowl for injector mounting… and I can make the setup more simple and totally reversible!

Any input would be appreciated!

(Paul Wigton) #2

In case you are not aware, Patton may have your answer.


(tylerwerrin) #3

Yeah, I’m trying to make a competing system, using more modern injectors which atomize the fuel better, giving you a performance increase. Maybe a few extra HP and much better mileage… others who have done a similar conversion have spoken of as much as 15(!)mpg increase from the stock carb setup.