Fuel injector connectors are falling apart

Hi everyone,
I started to take the fuel rail off to do the fuel lines and these injector connectors are so brittle they’re just crumbling apart. Does anyone recommend where to get a new harness or have one I could purchase?

I had a harness made in Melbourne about 3 years ago. Not at all expensive and made with a loom machine. He originally bought a large stockpile of injector connectors so they are OEM but the cables in the loom are more oil and heat resistant.
If you are interested email and I see if I can dig out his details.

PM sent and much appreciated!

SNG BARRETT, $481.00. Parts geek has connectors for $10.00.

Give the man a link!

I made mine but plug and play for 481 is a bargain really.

I paid $441.00 for mine in 2012. I checked with the man that made it and he no longer does so. No explanation. Time changes everything.

Has anyone seen what this thing is? Totally melted. Behind the throttle tower towards the firewall looks like there’s a spring inside of it (I can tell because there’s a hole melted in it)

Probably the vacuum switch for the EFI. Can’t really tell from the photo, but the description sounds right. Are the leads in parallel with the microswitch on the turntable?

I believe so. Looks like someone may have tried to repair it before and now it’s melted!

How the heck do you melt that thing? It’s got, like, milliamps flowing through it. I’m wondering if the nearby air injection check valve failed and blew hot exhaust gas at it.

Any history of engine fires in this car?

I’m just about to build mine. I got these from ebay which I will splice in to the main wiring. And then solder the old connector to the plug side and heat shrink. Going to run it along the injector rail with high temp tape round the outside of wires.


My preference is for the component style, so you don’t have pig tails with splices. It is possible that with this style, if the wire has not decayed. you can just crumble up the existing plastic part connector and not have to replace the actual contacts. You’d just slide the existing contacts into the new housing. Either way, this style is preferable to OEM because of the quick disconnect housing.

I bought the SNG loom, seems to be good quality. I think it’s built in UK, no idea if its third party construction or not. I put black plastic loom over wiring, even though it was already protected with the black taping. I like the connectors, they click way better to the injectors than originals. The individual wires are covered by a white material. Its all numbered too.

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Those plugs were originally an AMP brand and called “Junior timer connectors”
There are 2 styles of these. The ones that fit my V12 injectors are the compact ones.
There is another style where the retaining wire extends further from the plug and it fouls the injector, does not fit. I could be wrong but the Ebay photo looks more like the extended one to me. Beter check before you use them.

I’m positive there has never been a fire in this car. Now it was probably close to one but it looks as if someone at one time tried to repair the connector by soldering it together and may have melted the switch in the process also @Ptipon has pointed out that it may be the pressure switch for the oil pressure since it branches off of that apparatus.

Yeah, now that you mention it, I agree. If it’s screwed into that pedestal with the tiny oil lines going off to the tappet blocks, yeah, that’s what it is. Cheap and easy to replace. Only one wire to it, IIRC. Often needs replacing even if it’s not melted because the things commonly spring oil leaks.

Thanks! Do you know what that part is called?