Fuel injector failure and seized inside engine

I have a '14 F Type with 42k miles. Was running great but then engine light suddenly came on and car was sputtering in lower gears. Took to Jag dealership next day and they said 3 fuel injectors failed. Gave me a quote of $2400 to fix. I had them call my extended warranty company (Liberty Bell in NJ) to file a claim. I am supposedly covered bumper 2 bumper with their “platinum prime” tier coverage which definitely covers fuel system. However, they denied the claim blaming it on flood damage the car incurred 6 months earlier. The dealership and every other mechanic I’ve spoken with denies that the flood has any correlation to the fuel injector issue. Anyway, I told them to go ahead and fix it and I would pay the 2400 out of pocket. But then they called me back a few days later and told me there was a “situation”. When I called back they told me that the injectors had seized or were “fused” inside the engine’s cylinder head. The estimate now is at $12,000+ because they say they have to send out to a machine to remove the stuck injectors and this is very labor intensive (40+ hours). I don’t know what to do and I love my Jag but at this point I may have to sell it for parts and scrap metal unless someone has a better idea because I cannot pay that kind of money. If this situation has any relation to the flood damage from 6 months ago it would be easy…I would just reopen my claim with Geico my regular insurance who covered that damage the last time. As far as Liberty Bell, I can’t even sue them in FL where I live as their contract says they can only be sued in NJ and it must go to Arbitration first. After the flood 6 months ago, the fix was a new alternator, auxillary battery and air flow sensor. In total it was a little over 2g which was covered by Geico. But for what Jag of Ft. Laud is charging now, I could probably get a whole new engine. I have also gotten Jag USA involved and they assigned me a case, but I don’t know how effective that will be. Any good ideas much appreciated. Thank you!

2nd hand cylinder head(s)? I don’t know if the injectors are direct or indirect ?

Was it salt water flood or fresh water?

If the water got high enough to trash your airflow meter did it not get inside the car and doors and hubs/transmission? I would expect a lifetime of wheel bearing and electrixal trouble. If you now have a salvage or flood-claim car you possibly won’t be able to sell to recover much money in future so you need to do the math to help you decide.

The machine may be spark eroder and it would cost pretty much the same time on the machine whoever does it. Check with Jaguar how much electronic stuff needs to be altered to match a replacement engine. I’d investigate that route.

That dealer won a JCNA Dealer of the Year award fairly recently I think. Florida has a lot more flooding in its future IMO :frowning:

Peter is spot on…
Look at the door cards!
Look at your foot Wells for Anything of a water line
Water damage should have been told from a big dealer
How many miles did you drive before the motor went?

Were you made aware of the flood damage before purchase?

If not, you may have legal recourse.