Fuel injector service, correct orientation

I’m preparing to service the fuel injectors on my 1992 4.0 litre. The manual shows this diagram of the fuel injector spray pattern with the caution to correctly orientate the injector.

I then find that the injector to number one cylinder has been cable tied at 90 degrees to that, and that I have been driving this way for ten years, since corrected.

Has anyone else had this experience?

The GREEN BAND injectors on the US MY 1993/94 are the ones that need orientation.
The ROW (rest of the world) might have MY different than the North American models.
The early engines are just regular injectors.

There is a different part number for the injectors related to the engine number but I don’t remember the split in the production dates.

That makes sense. I’ve just received the o-ring kits from JLR and they are the pintel cap type.