Fuel line query

I have a 1993 facelift 4.0 (AJ6) XJS coupe and noted today that (what I assume to be) the fuel feed and return lines to/from the fuel rail are looking rather ‘aged’. I’ve been trying to find part numbers for these but have been unable to; I have not even been able to find them on the parts diagrams.

Does anyone know the part numbers I would need?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

First, you are right to replace the fuel rubber in the engine bay. It is a very hostile environment. There are several sources of rebuilt hose assemblies. Here’s one that is reputable. http://xks.com/i-23896784-jaguar-xj-s-v-12-fuel-hose-kit-03-2650.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0a7YBRDnARIsAJgsF3MKTv3zZmZzmhElI9IcWtf7JxQKgyY_yMHlc7fVSY_7PmKu3MB9JcQaAqhOEALw_wcB

I strongly suggest that you DO NOT trade with V12 Performance. I have had very poor luck with them, to the point that I filed complaints with the BBB and the company that processes his payments.

It looks like he has the 4.0 AJ6, rather then the V12. I’m sure someone else here can chime in with recommendations for sourcing these. As for the parts numbers, my Original Technical Publications parts manual lists EBC9851 and EBC10747. SNG shows this:


You can also see the thread below and many others about rebuilding:

Good luck