Fuel non return valve in gas tank

can anybody help me to find a part number for the rubber reducer that connects the non return valve to continuation of the fuel return pipe .
on side is 12.40 mm the other side is 8 mm.
fuel pump failed on my late 95 xjs 4 litre and noticed the non return valve situation when i got the fuel.


Can’t help ya with the part, but I might suggest you see if you can find some fuel hose with an 8mm ID and a 12.4mm OD. Slide a piece of that over the tube, then connect your non return valve with a straight piece of 12.4mm hose.

I bought a 5/16 check valve on ebay with a 2 piece of submersible fuel 1/4 fuel hose i will be using it instead of original 25 years old valve , i hope it works , making it fit is a challenge since it is an a really tight spot ,I may have to shorten some of the hard pipes in the tank to make room for this valve.

Good plan, although I dunno why you’d try to use 1/4" hose on a 5/16" valve.

If you can get Tygon tubing in 5/16" or 8mm, I think that’d be the stuff to use.

I thought the hose needs to be slightly smaller so it would go over the valve with a little force , however I did also buy two pieces of 5/16 hose in case I am wrong.
I am not familiar with Tygon tubing , I will google it to see what it is.

Those little bulges on the ends are what make the hose go on with a little force.

It looks like “Tygon” might just be the company that makes it, and they make lots of types of tubing. I’ve always just heard it called Tygon tubing, and the stuff in question is a greenish-yellow clear tubing intended for use in fuel systems.


The photo in that listing is generic, showing smaller tubing and a whole lot of it!

The nice thing about it here is that it’s all the same material, no lining inside a sheath that might not be fuel resistant.

You might be able to buy a foot or two of this stuff off a roll in an auto parts store or a marine store.

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the thin wall of Tygon would help with the space issue too.

Any reason the non-return valve couldn’t go in the engine bay?
That’s where I fitted one when the one went south on my XJ40

I already have the gas tank removed to replace the fuel pump , I may have done what you did if my only problem was the non return valve .
I Just added another picture to my original post . you could check it out if you want to.

I Just added another picture to my original post . you could check it out if you want to.

Inside the tank? That looks like soooo much fun!

it is , thats is why I was initially going for OE type so I did not have to retrofit anything.

my final repair after 1 month , most of it was waiting for the check valve to be delivered from china.
the hoses are 5/16 submersible fuel hoses

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Looks great! Is this something that everyone should do when/if they pull the tank out to replace the fuel pump?

I would say yes , I have pulled out two 95 gas tank and none looked good.
specially the stepped hose that jaguar used to connect the valve to the hard pipe was like a rubber paste.
I did have to cut one inch off the removable section of the hard curved pipe to make the valve fit.
being able to remove the small U shaped section of the pipe makes the job easier, a small bolt holds it to the bottom of the gas tank.