Fuel pedal wobble

My fuel pedal has a tiny bit of a wobble in the pivot, because i think the right side part (#8 in photo) is not secure, I assume the square plug part is broken and allows the shaft to move a bit, it looks like a plastic piece.

Any advice?

I had this problem. I made a new bush out of brass.

On my XJS the #8 bushing was gone entirely. I simply ordered and installed a new part. But that was 15-20 years ago. The part might be NLA these days.


Thanks, I spent some time searching and finally found it at Moss Motors. Part C28732. I think it’s nylon, if it goes again, I may try the brass idea.

Nylon is better, Brass will wear faster than nylon.

I removed entire pedal assembly, and once I figured out how the bushings work, I realized original bushings were actually still good. They just got turned 45 degrees, so that the square was aligned with the square hole making it loose. Seems a bit of a hack that the bushings simply need turning a bit to keep from getting loose, but at least i know the trick if they get off again.

As I had gone to all the trouble, I went ahead and put in the new bushings, adding a bit of grease so they turn inside bushings smoothly, instead of possibly turning bushings.

My advice to ya, Gregmatic: “GET IT FIXED A.S.A.P.” … :smiley_cat: You don’t want to be going down the road when your accelerator pedal suddenly goes awry … although it could be worse, it could be your brake pedal … :open_mouth:

Eh? I did fix it, as I said in last post.

Just caught it … and phew … :relieved:

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All good. The new nylon bushings were off white. The originals were cranberry colored!? Never seen a car part this color.

That color change in old crumbled bearings is pretty common. The plastic breaks down, and thats what you get.

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