Fuel pick up tube wire

The 68 Series 1.5 I bought probably set in a garage/barn for decades so the residual gasoline/petrol has turned to gum/varnish.

So when I removed the fuel tank pick up tube, I found the bottom of the tube and the sump full of black solid.
Not surprising there but what is odd is an electric wire extends into the tank and connects to some device at the bottom of the tube. (This is not related to the fuel level sender). I can’t find anything electrical in this place on either wiring diagram of parts list

Does anyone know what this electrical device could be? Is it somehow related to the fuel warning light on the speedometer?

Detonator? :astonished:

I wonder if someone tried to adapt a submersible fuel pump.

aka Revenge for Dresden.

The switch for the warning light is incorporated into the level sensor. It’s impossible for it to end up at the bottom of the tank. It think John has it right. Do you have any known enemies?

I accept the amusing safety warnings but the fact is that I inherited a car with a wire in the fuel tank attached to a roughly 2 inch collar which fits around the bottom of the pick up tube in the sump section.

I will remove all this but my strong impression is that this device was fitted to the car at the Jag factory. My question is whether anyone else has run across such a mechanism and, if, so, what is its purpose Please appreciate that my E Type is a1968, when Jaguar was transitioning from series 1 to 2 and several innovations were tried and later abandoned.

And coming back to safety, isnt there an electrical rheostat inside the tank, and doesn’t this potentially provide a spark hazard?

I wonder if the factory low fuel light quit working and a PO tried to rig one.

Yes there is and millions of cars have them in their fuel tanks. IIRC there is not enough oxygen to support an explosion.


Perhaps it’s a grounding wire for the sump itself when/if sealant is used on the sump threads, thereby isolating the sump??

I have no such thing on my '68 S1.5 2+2.

Does the wire look factory? Where the wire exit the tank, does it enter into the factory wire loom. What colors are on the wire? It does not sound factory, but maybe a photo would help?

It doesn’t belong there. What is the other end connected to? Even the suggestion of a home made level sensor seems impractical since by the time fuel reached the bottom of the sump you’d be on your final mile.

I’d be more likely to suspect that someone inadvertently dropped it in there and it just found its way to the lowest spot.

There’s a filter bag on the end of the pickup tube. It has a round brass collar that is a tight friction fit to the tube, and there’s a wire mesh bag soldered to it. The mesh may have unwoven, giving the impression of a loose wire:

This is absolutely required, because it prevents debris from fouling the pump.