FUEL PUMP ... again!

For 2 times my xj 40 after been parked did not start anymore. The solution was hammering on the tank with a rubber hammer and the pump started again. A couple of weeks ago, i brought the car to the mechanic and the intank fuel pump was replaced with a new original one. The car worked flawlessy for 2 weeks then after i parked the car in the garage it did not started again. I cannot ear the fuel pump running on startup, i read 12 volts on the cables that arrives to the pump. If i measure the resistance of the pump at the tank connector i see an open circuit.
i also tried to power the pump directly with a battery and it does not run.
So i have to think that there is an open circuit from the tank connector to the pump and the pump itself. Is it possible? now i have to open the tank again :frowning:

i had trouble with the connector on the Evap flange, one of the terminals had not seated, it was resting on top of its mate, this eventually arced, I ended up hard wiring the FP in.

I believe the evap flange shorting out is a known problem area on some cars.

is there any photo of the area where i have to look when i reopen the tank?

It’s the white plastic part on top of the tank that the electrical harness connects to.

Item 11 is the actual flange. The square item on this is the electrical connector.

i think the failure point is from the connector on the evaporative flange to the fuel punt harness… its the 16 item cable? i would like to bypass the mechanic, to reach the top of the tank is sufficient to remove the tank belts and rotate the tank so i can access the top flange?

No the tank cannot be rotated it has to slide back which involves removing the filler neck and the fuel lines,

On my last XJ40, a 94 4.0L Sovereign that electrical connection to the fuel pump burnt out. When I unplugged it I could see where one of the spade connectors had been arcing inside. I cut the plug off and soldered the wires together then covered them with heat shrink. I was able to do it without disturbing the tank after removing the sound deadening on the top. It was a fairly easy job.

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