Fuel pump and FPR replacement

Just thinking out loud here, I finally got around yesterday to replace the fuel pump with my new Bosch version.
Dumb question , is this a turbine model or different than the stock OEM Bosch?
Second question is I changed the FPR as well. Should I need to or change the second one? There’s a lot of history that says it maybe not even needed.
But just one more comment, and I don’t have any technical support but I took the car out with the two new components. I’m happy to report , she pulls like a freight train and the throttle response seems to be way better.
I feel like I’m finally honing in on what a V-12 is supposed to be. I think I’m going to go to my favourite car show this summer and have them dyno test it like they do there.
I haven’t changed out any throttle bodies or re-mapped out any ECU’s but I’m quite happy with the performance.

A sign I saw on the board room wall of Air New Zealand many years ago,
‘The only dumb question is the one not asked, it could save your life’

Yes it will be a turbine pump.

I presume you changed the B Bank FPR and asking about the A Bank FPR.
Normally If it doesn’t leak it works fine.
Otherwise you can also just delete it with no ill effects.

Thank you. I see there is a lot of history on that discussion.
So does it actually do anything?

I find it odd that replacing an old fpr with new one increases performance? If the fpr valve was tired, wouldn’t that increase fuel pressure? The vacuum is pulling it closed more so it lowers fuel pressure, but if it is tired, it won’t close as much, resulting in too high a fuel pressure?

I would think a new fpr would help idle (fuel pressure is at what it should be based on vacuum) and mpg would improve by not running too rich.

Replacing a tired fuel pump, that totally makes sense on performance.

Good point about FPR, I only changed mine from an original post stated improved performance, I was still trying to deal with a slight stumble once in a while at idle, but on that note the fuel pump definitely made a difference. There wasn’t anything wrong with the original one but maybe old and tired. It would get buzzy on hot days.

When I changed my left side outgoing FPR… first I found gasoline in the vacuum line…this it seems to me to be obvious that it was admitting too much fuel especially when starting akin to, (“duh”) flooding. Is it not so ? Poor starting…poor idle… poor economy…etc.

At one point I noticed that my B bank FPR was slightly leaking, traces of fuel at the vacuum line.
Some days later the car would not start.
New FPR, all back to normal, no difference in performance.