Fuel pump canister check valve and electrical connectors?


When I was removing the fuel pump canister from the tank of my '93 XJ40, the bras hose barb came out of the canister; scattering the check valve parts. Does anyone have a diagram of how the check valve goes together?

Additionally, are the electrical connectors that pass through the evaporation flange available anywhere? Mine are no longer usable.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

When mine crapped out I hot wired the pump straight through the Evap flange and when the NRV gave out I inserted one in the line in the engine bay. Still worked great when I sold the car 2 years ago.


Yep, installing an inline valve is an option. Was just hoping I could put this one back together LoL…

(Grooveman) #4

Dan …

Why don’t you lay out the check valve parts and post a picture. Shouldn’t be that hard to figure it out.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million, right? :grin:


I guess my real issue is where do I get replacement electrical connectors? Without buying a complete fuel pump canister and evaporative flange; which seem to only be available as used parts anyways…

(Robin O'Connor) #7

Where are you based? I’m in NZ so probably not an option but I have the evap unit out of a ‘92 which would be a straight swap.


I’m in Texas. I’m going to start looking in junk yards, but with the age of these I’m not likely to find any. This part is bound to cross reference to some other car; just don’t know where to search.

(Joseph) #9


when that blue donut seal had burst in which the fuel pump outlet goes into, I flattened that part of the top of the canister and drilled a hole right above the pump outlet. Then I bought a high pressure fuel injection hose, attached one end directly to the pump outlet (bypassing the factory check valve) and the other end to the factory hose. Installed an inline check valve. I forgot how many years ago I did this mod but my car starts right up every time ever since.