Fuel pump change on a '96 convertible


Hi all. Sorry if I am going over old ground, but can’t find this particular issue in the archives.

I need to renew the fuel pump in my '96 convertible. My workshop manual covers the operations for the coupe only. Looking in the boot (trunk) the main additional item to deal with in order to get the tank out looks to be the hood (soft top) hydraulic and electrical gear. Can anyone tell me how much of the hood control system has to be taken out? Is it a complete strip-out, or can I just unbolt the support cradle and push it all to one side?




Having difficulty disconnecting the feed and return pipes from the tank. Retaining clips out (see photo) but can’t move the pipes. Do they just pull out or is there a Legris collar to release?

Any help appreciated.



Have found this really helpful string in the archives. Looks like I just have to pull harder and hope nothing breaks.