Fuel Pump Failure - Forced Out of Sump!

Hi one and all.

Has anybody out there had a situation where the fuel pump has been ‘physically’ forced out!? Had new ones installed at 30,000 miles ago, along with injectors as the car wasn’t running right - spluttering and cutting out.

2,000 miles later, Pump #2 Front was forced out, leaving a drive full of oil. Recovered to garage, who replace under warranty. Within 40 miles, car backfiring, oil dumped, car recovered and the new pump, on the flange, had bowed by 2 to 3 mm. This seems that the fuel pump was being ‘forced’ out again.

I have to assume this is ‘internal’ and garage is looking to replace auxiliary shaft, plus various stuff as part of the change, chains, crank shaft oil seal, oil pump chain, chain tensioner, oil nozzles, etc etc for £5,000 (£2,000 labour & £3,000 parts). This is ‘fine’ - just seeking advice on if this has happened before, or is the diagnosis wrong. The garage are ever ‘scratching there head’!!?

TIA - The Ash