Fuel Pump I ordered for 94 XJS 6 Cyl is not thick enough any suggestions

Fuel Pump I ordered for 94 XJS 6 Cyl is not thick enough any suggestions on where to buy etc

Rock Auto? I’m always surprised how quickly products arrive.

Stick to name brands. I think Denso was OEM.

Hoping you are using Gates Barricade hoses

Thanks for the Help Veekay, I do not see a Denso on Rock Auto,
US MOTOR WORKS USEP8249 seems to be the closest it appears to have the smaller diameter nipple.
But if I use Gates Barricade hoses, I will not get that Authentic Jag Petrol Aroma when i open the Boot. LOL
I will get some, any recommended Vendor, What Diameter is the Fuel line 3/16
Many thanks Rob

Don’t go cheap here.

the 95/96 must use a different pump, since RockAuto does offer a Denso for my 96.

I would go either Carter w/Walbro pump or Delphi.

I don’t know what size hoses you will need. Hopefully someone else will chime in, or perhaps a forum search.

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I have a couple of new fuel pumps that I acquired from a couple customers who brought them to me for installation and that wasn’t their problem and told me to keep them. I will try to get my roommate to bring them over to meso I can compare them. Unless you aren’t in a big hurry and can wait about 11 or 12 days. I am currently recovering from hip replacement surgery that was done Thursday and am not at my own place at the moment and may not be back home till then. If one will work for you its yours at cost plus shipping.

I also wanted to ask what you meant by thick enough. Do you mean its not as big around as the old one? can you clarify a bit on this.

For in-tank pumps I use fuel hose designed to be submersed. I think the rating is J30R10.




Yes not as big and round, and the nipple is wider diameter.

I am going to look on Monday, my Mechanic that works on my Mercedes Sprinters is working on it, it’s 100 miles from my House on the other side of the Island. Want to see if I can see who made the original.
Veekay had a Denso on his 96 XJS but it seems the 94 had a different Fuel Pump.
Should know more Monday afternoon.
Cheers Rob

I have arranged to have the 2 I have brought over to me. If you can give me the diameter of your old one i believe they both have the smaller diameter nipples. Also be very careful and don’t lose the little rubber piece that goes on that pump that helps hold it in place and acts as a vibration damper. I lost mine but was able to use a plug from my vacuum gauge in its place. Yours may have disintegrated and is already gone. I had to buy a canister because the piece that the nipple goes into was broken which was what caused the problem with fuel delivery.

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I have one new one which is not what you need. The other one is, I believe, the one that came out of mine that I swapped when I replaced my broken canister. It is a Walbro.
The numbers on it are;
Once I return home I will look up the invoice for the one I bought and will forward that info to you.
According to my parts manual the OEM number is EBC 8597. The 93 and 94 should be the same.

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Many thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.
Mahalo Rob

This is the only one i can confirm has a 5mm output nipple Delphi FE0199 Fuel Pump and Strainer Set

I have one from my 94 4.0 donor vehicle if you want it.

I purchased one from summit, it has not made it yet but I am in Hawaii.
I might need some other bits, how intact is it.

Many thanks Rob

It doesn’t have the lower filter sack but otherwise perfectly intact.