Fuel pump won't stop ticking

The Su fuel pump on my 69 e type with 3 su carbs decided to act up today. Car ran great yesterday after carbs adjusted. It won’t stop ticking when ignition on and stopped pumping fuel to carbs. Fuel tank sump cleaned last week and filters also replaced. As it ticks non stop can I assume the points are ok and probably a bad diaphram . Any ideas of cause before I remove pump?

Check for a sunken float not shutting off in the fuel bowl(s)

If your carbs are not flooding, then it’s probably a piece of dirt stuck in one of the check valves in the fuel pump. Does the car run?

Most important question: do you smell gas?

Even if not, there could be a leak in one of the fuel line connections at the pump, behind the panel.

Problem solved…a slight tear in the hose to the filter in the trunk placed before pump… I love easy fixes. Have you ever suffered from over thinking the problem!