Fuel rail connection rubber washer/grommet?


Anyone know a source for the rubber washer/grommet that seals the connection between the fuel hose and rail on the face-lift cars? This is the fixed threaded connection on the rail with the metal fuel line that has a threaded collar on it that screws into the rail. The rubber bits are not quite a standard flat rubber washer or O-Ring from what I can tell (based on the deteriorated ones I have), mine are sea green if that helps.

(Veekay) #2

Picture would be great. Green rubber typically indicates a Viton washer. Harbor Freight sells them by the box.

They should be able to be found.

(motorcarman) #3

The seal is a short tube and not an 'O’ring.

Jaguar should still sell them. (unless they are NLA like a lot of old parts)

I think I still have one in my toolbox from years ago.



I can get a photo later, but Bob is correct: it is more of a sleeve I think. Problem is it does not appear on parts diagrams (would fit on the end of EBC4363). I have a couple calls in to parts suppliers, but even they are having a tough time with it. It seems like the type of piece that there is likely an easy replacement if I knew what to look for.

(SD Faircloth) #5

Try a local plumbing supply house, or one of the big box home supply stores. The color of the part (o-ring/seal) is typically used by a mfg to designate what material the part is made of. Black is typically butyl, BUT color is not always a 100% indentfier. I have black injector o-rings that are butyl and black o-rings that are viton. Viton is better but not mandatory, albeit I switched to Viton a number of years ago. Butyl rubber will last for 10 or so years. The proper fit and sealing is more important. So, what was originally used for your 20+ year old vehicle lasted that long. Another 10/20 years, you won’t recall any of this. Take your part and the rail with you and get something that fits. SD Faircloth

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #6

Problem is it does not appear on parts diagrams (would fit on
the end of EBC4363).

It might be sold as part of EBC4363.

– Kirbert

(motorcarman) #7

I can’t remember if there was a PARTS TSB for the seal or if it was a TSB for the 6.0 V12 XJ-S or XJ12.
I remember I had to get one from parts dept after I performed a Fuel Pressure Test and damaged the green seal. I did not need to buy the entire pipe/hose. Kinda ‘long ago’ and I can’t find any TSBs or documentation as .pdf.

All my paper documents are in clear plastic tubs stacked up but I might go through them and refresh my memory on MANY things.


(Geekay) #8

Did you locate a source for the washer? I’m looking to hook up a fuel pressure gauge on my '92. I have an option on the passenger side between the rail and the regulator. Did you find fittings to go between the inflow line and the fuel rail?



Unfortunately, no. I ended up reassembling with the existing part and it has been working fine for me.

(Geekay) #10

Did you do a fuel pressure test on a Facelift 5.3? If so how did you rig up the gauge?

(Geekay) #11

Jaguar does not sell them.