Fuel rail connection rubber washer/grommet?

Anyone know a source for the rubber washer/grommet that seals the connection between the fuel hose and rail on the face-lift cars? This is the fixed threaded connection on the rail with the metal fuel line that has a threaded collar on it that screws into the rail. The rubber bits are not quite a standard flat rubber washer or O-Ring from what I can tell (based on the deteriorated ones I have), mine are sea green if that helps.

Picture would be great. Green rubber typically indicates a Viton washer. Harbor Freight sells them by the box.

They should be able to be found.

The seal is a short tube and not an 'O’ring.

Jaguar should still sell them. (unless they are NLA like a lot of old parts)

I think I still have one in my toolbox from years ago.


I can get a photo later, but Bob is correct: it is more of a sleeve I think. Problem is it does not appear on parts diagrams (would fit on the end of EBC4363). I have a couple calls in to parts suppliers, but even they are having a tough time with it. It seems like the type of piece that there is likely an easy replacement if I knew what to look for.

Try a local plumbing supply house, or one of the big box home supply stores. The color of the part (o-ring/seal) is typically used by a mfg to designate what material the part is made of. Black is typically butyl, BUT color is not always a 100% indentfier. I have black injector o-rings that are butyl and black o-rings that are viton. Viton is better but not mandatory, albeit I switched to Viton a number of years ago. Butyl rubber will last for 10 or so years. The proper fit and sealing is more important. So, what was originally used for your 20+ year old vehicle lasted that long. Another 10/20 years, you won’t recall any of this. Take your part and the rail with you and get something that fits. SD Faircloth

Problem is it does not appear on parts diagrams (would fit on
the end of EBC4363).

It might be sold as part of EBC4363.

– Kirbert

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I can’t remember if there was a PARTS TSB for the seal or if it was a TSB for the 6.0 V12 XJ-S or XJ12.
I remember I had to get one from parts dept after I performed a Fuel Pressure Test and damaged the green seal. I did not need to buy the entire pipe/hose. Kinda ‘long ago’ and I can’t find any TSBs or documentation as .pdf.

All my paper documents are in clear plastic tubs stacked up but I might go through them and refresh my memory on MANY things.


Did you locate a source for the washer? I’m looking to hook up a fuel pressure gauge on my '92. I have an option on the passenger side between the rail and the regulator. Did you find fittings to go between the inflow line and the fuel rail?


Unfortunately, no. I ended up reassembling with the existing part and it has been working fine for me.

Did you do a fuel pressure test on a Facelift 5.3? If so how did you rig up the gauge?

Jaguar does not sell them. I really need to locate where I can get one of these.

Being told that CBC4720 is the Viton Seal. Fits the '92 supposedly. It does show up under unillustrated parts on the Pre-'92 and on the '92-96 6.0 but NOT for the '92 5.3. Attached are both the factory EPG and the JDHT parts lists and an image of the part. The vin for '92 5.3s starts at 179737 and is conspicuously absent. I have some coming so we’ll see.


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Try these guys…no relation.

I got some off Ebay. NOS. CBC4720.

Thanks for reporting back. If you can, please post the dimensions of these parts. Eventually they will be gone and it will be valuable to know the OD and wall thickness of these parts in case someone can recreate them, or find a suitable alternate someday.

I have the dimensions:

12.85mm OD
1.9mm thick
7.00mm tall

Mystery seal once again…

Every XJS owner, once in a lifetime must invest in Viton tubing which makes exact replacement (non-braided).

The only problem is - usually you’ll need to buy 7.5ft of it as no lower unit qty available…

You can also make them from polyurethane tube (softer is better), you can mold them from softer shore-A PU resins ( if you’re fussy…)

I got my Viton tubing for the return lines to the tank on my 89 convertible from McMaster-Carr - cut to fit and works great (McMaster-Carr) - only needed to order a ft of it.

And, while you can’t order 7.5ft, you can order 8ft, so if you’re @XjsBanger you can still get your 7.5ft… :grin:

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Can I assume you went with the firm, over the soft? 12mm OD?

Not everyone is soo-lucky to have McMaster’s store around / not only in Autodesk software. Lucky you, in UK you can order a reel of it as minimum…

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