Fuel return line leak quick fix

I’ve got a slight leak on the return line fitting into the return tank. I’ve got new line on the way, but in the meantime was looking for a quick fix to limit the fuel coming from the fitting.

I need to put some miles on the car so I don’t have to drain as gas.

I was thinking about squirting some Hylomar Blue around the fitting and then duct tape or such.

It’s leaking at the bulkhead fitting in the tank?
(not strictly a bulkhead fitting I guess but you know what I mean.)


I’d be afraid of duct tape adhesive not being good facing fuel: I’d suggest self adhesive silicone tape

@BobPhx It’s seeping ever so slightly aroind the hard line. I can’t tighten it more as the compression nut is stripping out. Looking for PTFE tape now or something similar to what @xjsv12coupe suggested.

We’ll see hiw this works… Hylomar Blue then wrapped in selfadhering silicon. Only has to work for a week or so…

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Doesn’t Work:

  • As is with just the Hylomar Blue and self-adhering tape, didn’t work; the fuel just pushed through the tape seals and it all came apart in about 4 hours.


  • Get some of that yellow gas plumbers tape
  • Put a generous amount of Hylomar Blue around the compression nut and hardline where the fuel can seep out; let it sit for about 5 minutes
  • Get about 3 wraps of the yellow gas tape around things nice and tight
  • Then come on top of that with the self-adhesive silicon tape

This has held great with no seeps or leaks for about a week now.

Gasoila YT70 Yellow PTFE Thread… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00209LJUO?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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sorry the silicone tape didn’t held

thanks for the “gastape” link , I reckon the important part is this one holds to fuel and petrol : nice find, it may come handy one day