Fuel Sender 1985 XJ6

I need to order a new left fuel sender for my 85 XJ6. The vendor says their sender will work for either the left or right tank. Is this true? Is there a difference between the left & right side?



Yes, there is a difference between the left and right fuel senders in the Series III XJ6s and XJ12s. They are shaped differently and I have never heard of one that can be used in either tank.

The Jaguar part number for the left one is DAC5499 and the right one is DAC5498. Take a look on eBay for those part numbers and you will see that one is the mirror image of the other to accommodate the inside shape of the tanks.

If I were you I would find a vendor that has left and right senders and purchase your part from them


No, definitely different.

Are the senders broken or are the floats full of fuel and the read low ?
You can replace just the floats, Ford uses the same ones but in Brass so the will never leak.


Up to now, mine have worked just fine. Must have failed to do something??

fuel was low. took it to errands. first stop at the gas pump. Pumped right tank first. Pump shut down, as they are supposed to do so to avoid spills. OK, I pressed in a bit more. Moved to the left tank. Same! As I prepay, I pushed in a bit more til the pump reached the amount I prepaid. Two full tanks???

NO!!! 1/2 each!!! Makes some sense. The amount I prepaid over what was there should be what the guage reported. but, why did the pump shut down??/

Oh, well, o’wise it purred, as a good cat should…

Carl. .