Fuel Sender Gasket

Recently I have had fuel smells coming from the trunk of the car. I bought a cheap sniffer on eBay and it appears it is coming from the sender. I removed the gasket (URO brand) and it looks too soft and pliable. I don’t know what it’s made from, but I’m not sure its a good idea to use that gasket brand here.

Does anyone know the thickness that this gasket should be? I have measured it at 3mm from another one I have. (RockAuto was selling them at $0.98/each and I bought a few) I should either buy an OEM gasket, or a small sheet of Viton and make my own?

There was a thread about this last week. Search for :
Gates Barricade Practical Test

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Ahh yes, I knew I saw that somewhere! Thank you.

1/8" thick piece of Viton ordered…

It is always nice seeing XJS owners using high tech to resolve their problems :wink:

Word of warning - double-check sender teeminals, pin-point these as may be also related (old seals) you’re looking at $50 for the new sender unit…

Well now you got me wondering if that is the source of the problem on Superblue (4.0 also), VK. :confused: Only thing is I really only notice mine right after fueling up. So, I’m wondering if somehow the fuel filler tube might not be as tightly sealed anymore as it should be in some place, or something along those lines gone awry. :thinking: Was your smell more noticeable at that time, too?

Your problem may be similar to the problems found when using a toilet. Unless you’re urinating like a lady, few drops will spill here and there, espacially after certain age…

Same with your refuelling. You will probably notice a smal drain below the plug. If few drops of petrol leaks down from distributor pipe - these will drain down via internal hoses leading to the bottom of your car. As these hoses are kinda press fitted - you may experience some temporary smell if the smell is only temporary…

After filling up the gas tank, and using the sniffer again, it’s DEFINITELY coming from the fuel filler gaiter. I have ordered a new one, with a new o-ring. eBay has some kind of “aftermarket” gaiter that is advertised as being more robust, and thicker. Basically, I ordered part numbers CAC7509 (o-ring) and CBC87033 (gaiter)

Will report back.

I’m gonna back off on my DEFINITELY statement. Seems like it could be coming from the top of the tank… I’m swapping out that gaiter, and small vent hose, and o-ring, because I need to cross those off the list.

I will see if I can replace the hose that connects the Fuel Tank Evaporative Loss Flange…and whatever other hose(s) come out of the top of that tank… is it even possible to do that without removing the tank?

I don’t think you can replace those four hoses for evaporative, because I think one of them hooks up behind the tank, if I remember? I did mine when I replaced tank, so easy. That little thing that looks like an alien where three go into, you can get to it through trunk side (remove ECU makes it easier), but it’s still tough.

I still think it’s probably the big rubber connection for the filler. I found out it needs to be clamped just right and very very tight. Not a screwdriver, use a 1/4" socket wrench. The rubber is very strong, and the tank is steel. It can take it.

I’m wondering the same here, based on Bangher’s observations. Of course, that lil drain hole in the gaiter is supposed to drain water (rain, carwash, etc.) out of the gaiter through a small hose and out the bottom of the boot, IIRC. I will try plugging the hole (after first making sure it is not clogged up already w debris and the drain hose is connected) with a rag or some such next time I fuel up and then see if the fuel smell in the boot thing occurs afterwards or not. That should give some meaningful clue(s). :thinking:

Is that the same assembly for our (me and VK) 4.0s as your V-12, Gregmatic? :confused:

btw, I was cruising auto parts on Ebay earlier tonight and I see there is a seller on there selling a “beefed up” gaiter he has customized for the convertibles (only) for $28 or some such. :open_mouth: The seller’s name is “JerrysJags” (IIRC) and he is located in CA. Does anyone know whether he is a member of JLers? :confused: Wish he would put something similar together for our coupes (I sent him an email to that effect, too). :slightly_frowning_face: