Fuel tank felt strips

I’m ready to install fuel tank in my 1950 XK120, purchased a pre cut felt kit from XKs unlimited, figured out the one that protects the tank from the spare tire, but not sure the correct placement of the rest, does anybody have pictures that can help me? Also is that the correct way to route the wire for the sending unit? Thanks

I’m not aware that ANY protect the tank from the spare tyre… there are 3 latex foam blocks…

Hi Ehab,
The strips locations are on all sides of the tank that touch any other metal surface:

  • 1 long top front strip
  • 2 small (but I think double folded) rear top strips
  • 2 strips on the sides along the black aluminum brackets
  • 4 strips at the bottom of the tank between the tank and the tank tray.

As for the spare tyre protection, as Godfrey said - 3 latex foam pieces. There is a photo in the archives somewhere…


Page 44B ofhte SPC helps, too!


@ysmalkie thank you so much!

Hi Tadek,

I am attempting to reinstall my fuel tank on a '52 FHC . What is the orientation of the bottom tray & the hanger rods that support & hold the tank in position. Is the U shaped channel w/ the captive nuts positioned towards the front or the rear of the of the fuel tank? Short rods front or rear. ?

Any information or Pics would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


The two U shaped channels are on the sides not the front/rear…


Have you considered reading the SPC?.. It’s really worthwhile to take a look at it.


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Hi Tadek,
Thanks for your prompt response. My question was regarding the U shaped channel that contains the captive nuts which is on the end of the reverse side of the tray not those on the under side in your picture. Is that channel positioned to the front (near the silencer) or to the rear. I have an incomplete SPC that unfortunately does not contain the illustration to which you refer. Is a copy contained somewhere on the Jag-Lovers web site?


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Hi Rob, Thanks for the prompt response. My inquiry concerned SPC part no.
C4198 Tray Assy., Holding Petrol Tank. Your drawing is for Part no. BD7778
Spare Tire Tray. Perhaps I should have included a part no. in my original inquiry. My Bad.


Perhaps this will help.

The five screw heads you can see in my previous picture are going through the rear tray into the captured nuts you can see in this U-channel.

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Hi Rob,
Thanks much. The pic answers my question


Hi Rob,

This C or U shaped channel (marked in red) must be a FHC feature??

I do not have it.


Well, its been so long since we’ve uncovered an XK120 anomaly that we were in danger of thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought. :grin:

It looks like you are right, it is not on another steel OTS of a member that recently joined us. See why pictures of unrestored cars can be so valuable.

My first guess is that this channel is related to the fact that the FHC and DHC sit higher on the chassis than does the OTS, though I still haven’t figured out why they did that, and that it must be the BD.4182 Cross Rail, supporting Spare Wheel Tray at rear end, but that the typist meant the rear end of the C.4198 fuel tank support tray. I’ll get under there tomorrow to check but I think it is riveted to the fuel tank tray. I wonder if the typist got the sack for the number of mistakes in the 120 SPC?
This is how it is listed in the FHC supplement:
This is from the DHC supplement:
The number of screws is a significant clue. 3 on each side piece and 5 across the middle.
Anyone else want to confirm or contradict this solution to the mystery?

whilst I have never seen the C or U channel before there are 2 different types of spare wheel trays and also 2 different fuel tank trays and it is to do with the 1inch increase in body mount height fhc dhc but it may also have been addressed on a later fhc dhc so parts were similar to roadster

There are indeed two spare tire trays, BD4172 for disc wheel and BD7778 for wire wheel.
I see only one fuel tank tray in the SPC for all steel cars, other than that for the alloys which is totally different and does not really apply to this question.
Mine does not have rivets holding the U channel, but I see the screw holes in the main fuel tank tray that would have been used if fitted to an OTS, but are blocked by this U channel, so I conclude the U channel must be spot welded to the fuel tank tray.
Seems like there should have been a new part number for the assembly of C4198 and BD4182 spot welded together.

BTW the height of the U channel is about 3/4", whereas the channel in front of the radiator is about 1" tall.

So the body on FHC and DHC is raised up about 1" in front and maybe 3/4" in the rear compared to OTS.
It was a lot of trouble to go to. Not just these two channels, but the notch in the scuttle to clear the steering column, the clutch and brake pedals changed, different body to chassis mounts, different bumper mounts, different floors.
I wonder what was the reasoning there?

My 54 120M fhc (build date jan 54) has the welded channels.Very sensible strengthening method.

Hi Rob & All, My Disc Wheeled FHC Chassis # is 679734, Body # J 1738 & titled new as a 1952 auto. I fitted the channel to the rear as per your pic. The Spare Wheel Tray has 3 holes drilled , center, left & right in the other ( near the differential case ) end. There is nothing to utilize them to secure the tray on. Secondly, the long & short tie rods C 4158 & C4159 must be reversed from the front & rear positions stated in the SPC to secure the petrol tank. Another error in the SPC ?? Also, when I tighten the tie rods to raise the petrol tank, the tray on the front ( differential end ) sags in the middle and does not come in contact with the padding except at the areas near the rods. Adding a Cross Rail using the 3 pre drilled holes would stiffen the tray & overcome the sag issue. Any comments?

War 52

Congratulations, you caught yet another mistake in the SPC. That’s error no. 116 BTW.
The short rod is indeed at the rear and the long in front. Difficult to get a measurement in there but I estimate about 12" on the front and 9" on the rear.
My tray has 2 holes along the front and may have had a third but now has a patch piece in the center. It has a 1/4" bent down stiffening lip across the front, but it should have been stiffer, as mine sags in the middle too, maybe because it was torn there, hence the patch piece.

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Maybe Viart’s book will explain it?..