Fuel tank installation frustrations

I have been getting ready to refit my fuel tank after sealing and painting, so I fit the spare wheel holder first to see what lines up for the holes in the chassis to hold it in place

Yes I think that must be how it sits under the fuel tank, now to fit the tank, but what’s this ? the spare wheel holder is higher than the tank support fittings ? I looked up previous posts and found Robs with wood spaces under the supports to get the tank to sit on these supports

I then I tried to trial fit the tank to get some idea of what is need and will it all fit together, but could not get the tank anywhere near where it needs to be because the two wells on the bottom of the tank with the filters in foul the tank support mounts, if I were to make them higher it would seem impossible to get the tank in

What’s the solution ? and additionally what does the vent fitting on the side of the tank look like ? I just have the threaded boss

I’m glad you found my pictures, but I really can’t guess what could be wrong with your supports. I would have thought they had gotten all these details worked out by 1948. Mine were clearly a last minute fudge job just to get cars out the door when they were strapped for cash in Jan '38.

I only took one picture of it.

It’s just a copper pipe that feeds up through a hole in the inner fender and curves down, with a brass end fitting soldered on with a threaded nut to fit your threaded boss, just like the ones for the supply pipes to the reserve valve.

I can’t work out from your photos what the interference places are. I had my tank and tray out 10 or 12 years ago and don’t recall any significant problems, albeit there were a few tight spots created by my own ineptitude. I added a strip of padding under the tray that was too thick.

Out it came and I redid it properly. I remember the tank sat on the pedestals with a bit of felt padding. Again the thickness was critical.

There is a hole near the top of the rh inner mudguard for the breather tube to point down and through. Make sure there is a good grommet here to keep the water out from the rear wheel.

Thanks both
I have had the tank in and out, but cannot remember if it was sat on the supports, I will remove the spare wheel tray and then try to fit the tank again, although it was a pain to get it over the tank supports and into position, then I will offer the tray up again and try to figure out what is wrong and report back


I put felt pads under and at the sides of the tank - the car had old rotten ones on when I did the restoration (which I assumed were factory fitted) so I used a similar thickness felt I had in my workshop, although it was grey and not black. I suggest this felt is needed to stop the tank rattling on the metalwork as you travel or the petrol slushes around. The tank is certainly a tight fit, and I left the filters and pipe connections off until it was in place. Getting the angle of insertion correct as you lower it into place is also a factor to it locating well - I found it was acheived as a “2 man job” and after serveral attempts.

I recall a few things.

I checked that there was no clashing with the boot floor panels because of the small clearances. I had to fit and remove the tank several times as there had been some misshaping of the pedestals and straps in a previous time. A bit fiddly but not bad.

Felt pads were used a lot in those times for mounting things for anti-squeak reasons or leveling out pressure point differences, but they also hold water for a long time, promoting rust. I squirt oil all over, press out any excess then lightly coat all sides with grease. The oil and grease do two different things. The oil fills all the fibres but does not last. The grease stays in place and holds the oil in.

Thanks all
I removed the Spare wheel holder and then set about fitting the tank again, Not an easy job on your own and if you get it at the wrong angle it can get stuck, I know,

Start again, the only way it will go in is if you keep the back of the tank vertical as you drop it in ( back of the tank facing the front of the car in my case) then get both of the filters standing on top of the front tank supports and then wiggle it to the back of the car, just in case nobody has done this before
The fact that the spare wheel carrier top rim is higher than the tank supports is correct when the spare wheel carrier is in the car without the tank, this had me wondering what was wrong at the time, the bottom of the tank profile is shaped to allow the spare wheel carrier to slide under the tank and the tank to sit on the supports
all I need to do now is to get that filler pipe on somehow!

Posted the wrong pics, however the tank sits on the supports now

That is not a easy job but it helps if the tank is not strapped down and you can move it about a bit during the process.


Thanks Pete
That’s where I’m at right now I have ordered some fuel pipe the correct ID to make it easer I hope!

Fuel tank in at last, the biggest issue was getting the fuel filler pipe connected to the tank and inlet, it needs to have a soft fuel hose, which most are not in 2/1/2" ID and then to get one end on the tank, then bring the tank closer to the fuel inlet and huff and puff until you can get a screw driver in to get under the squashed bit of the pipe to tease it out, how the hell did they do it in the factory!