Fuel Tank Mounting Issue

I started replacing my fuel tank today and ran into an issue. Looking at the new rubber mounting bushings they have a shoulder on them that fits in the hole on the fuel tank flange. I don’t have a good, detailed drawings to go by. It looks like the bushings go on each side of the flange on the tank with the shoulders facing the tank on each side. The issue is when the steel sleeve is pushed through the rubber bushing the rubber shoulder expands .055" and no longer fits inside the flange on the fuel tank. It could easily be corrected by drilling out the holes in the tank to 25/32". I hate to have to modify a new tank to make it work. I called Moss Motors, where I got the tank from, but their tech guy is way behind on taking calls,

Use Superglue to glue the rubber pads into place.

My ebay purchased fuel tank rubber bushings were too thin, so tightening the tank holding nut wouldn’t cause them too crimp the tank. Had to add a large-holed washer over the center pipe to achieve rigidity. Inner collar and center hole was OK though.