Fuel tank questions


Two questions please, the first is what is this hose for?

Second question, on the fuel sender unit there is three tabs for wires. One is of course ground, the other is “W” and “T”. I have a white/green and black/green wires left over, which goes to what the schematic does not tell me.

Thanks, Pat

The small hose is the overfill/water drain line: the other someone else will have to answer, because I long ago forgot!

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instal the sender this way and hook up the wires as such. W is the low fuel light. T is the gauge reading

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Thanks, I read in the parts manual that the later SII has more vent holes in the tank than do the early SII cars) which is mine). So I’m guessing this spare hose is for the extra vent tube on the later SII tanks.

Those hoses are for water drainage like Paul mentioned. You’ll see they connect to the same drain port on the bottom of the boot. One collects and drains water from the fuel fill area the other from the channel of the boot lid.


No, the later multi vented tanks used a much smaller tube for the 3 vents, maybe 3/16" ID.

Marco, if one of the hoses at that junction is for the boot lid, how does it connect up with the boot lid drainage hole? (I never took this car apart).

At the very rear, center of the boot lid channel is a hole with a metal pipe that heads towards the ground vertically. Does this pipe somehow snake it’s way through the rear body for the hose to connect to??

one of those goes up to the drain hole in the fuel filler, the other goes to a drain that should be in the lower left corner of the boot ( trunk) lid channel


For the FHC you do not need that second connection point…that only applies for OTS cars (at least for S1 cars. Just block it off.

I guess i should have said I have a '69 2+2 if that makes a difference. Assuming I do not need that second port, just where does the pipe from the boot lid Chanel drainage hole go to?


Not sure about S2’s, but for S1 the center drain from the boot lid exits straight down, just above the license plate area.

Yup, it comes out by the top of the lic plate thanks. The things I learn on my first E type restoration!

The hose which in your photo which is not connected has the part number c.15150/1 which is described as a ventilation hose from tank to neck of petrol filler box. If your tank is the earlier model it will have only 1 vent tube on the tank.