Fuel tank (? SS maybe)

I have just been cleaning up my workshop and having a good sort out, and what I thought was a spare fuel tank for my 1948 MK IV (inherited in boxes of spares when I got the car) is not for my car. Here are some photos if anyone can identify it (I think it may be for a 1935 circa SS saloon?):

It has the original fuel sender fitted.

I don’t need it - so it is FREE to a good home for anyone willing to collect or arrange packing/pickup from the UK. It will need some repair work to 3 small holes on the underside, and I suggest some Slosh or tank liner on the inside to fully seal it, but it would make I think a very usable original tank.

Send me a personal message if you are interested - if no one wants it then it will go to the recycling centre in a couple of weeks time which seems a shame but I’ve no room to store it nor have the time to make it into a coffee table!!

Going by the position of the filler neck, it looks like the tank in this '36-37 SS sales brochure.

It is certainly not for '38 and later, which have the spare tire under the tank.

i guess its gone now ?

Im in Uk…I need a tank for my 1936 SS 1.5 litre

0771 257 8724

Sorry, I gave it away to someone a few weeks ago. You could try Worcester Classic Spares to see if they have anything.

damn my luck

As it happens i bought a similar one on Ebay a few weeks back…(in desperation) before i cd even take measurements. I MAY be lucky.
Anyway thanks for reply