Fuel tank valve wiring series 3 XJ6

(Simon) #1

Can anyone help me with a wiring diagram for the fuel tank valve and fuel sender set up on a series 3 XJ6 including switches and everything else

(Frank Andersen) #2

Download the S57 wiring diagram, Simon - rather than piecemeal. Before or later you need this wiring diagram for other purposes as well…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Simon) #3

Thanks for that. I’ll see how I go

(Simon) #4

Couldn’t find the file.

(motorcarman) #5

Figure 17.1 in the S57 Guide shows the diagram.

Jag_SIII_FuelTank.pdf (589.4 KB)


(David Judd) #6


Do you have that diagram for a Series II?

(Simon) #7

Thanks heaps that’s great really appreciate it


(motorcarman) #8

I don’t think I have electrical guide for Series I or II anymore. I had paper books years ago but I don’t know if I gave them away or put them in plastic storage bins with all my other Jag info from years ago.


(Simon) #9

Thanks again for the link I was just Wondering if you had the colour codes for the wires



(motorcarman) #10

All color codes are the same for British cars of the day.
I’m sure an internet search will have the info to decipher.

wiring_code.pdf (5.4 KB)